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30 January 2017 @ 07:10 pm
Leaving this blog here temporarily; will be closed soon.

My new blog is at https://pavarian.dreamwidth.org/
02 April 2012 @ 07:51 am
New campy blog address for, hopefully, a new beginning. Haven't touched this blog in years but it's probably time I started again. Probably also need to change the layout hmm.

too many ideas and no time to execute lol
23 January 2012 @ 11:22 pm
So! Year of the Dragon and all that. Although honestly I've been spending the time squeeing over BBC's Sherlock and reading fic *sheepish grin* Can't help it, there's nothing to do in US to celebrate Chinese New Year, which kinda sucks. So i retreat to fic. Do not judge me. XD

If you're wondering what Sherlock is, it's probably The Best Sherlock adaptation I've ever seen. It is an updated, modernized version of the Sherlock classics, set in the 21st century. And because I suck at describing why it's so so good, here's a trailer -

And since invicta has so wonderfully listed ten reason's why one should watch Sherlock, i'll put them here. Everything she says. *emphatic nod* Season 3 needs to appear. Now.

1. Every actor in this series is completely on-point with his or her performance. I'm especially in love with the two leads, plus Mark Gatiss as Mycroft Holmes.
2. Cinematography. Great camera angles all around. Series two has some especially gorgeous wide shots and use of negative space.
3. Score. Never cheesy, and it peaks at all the right moments.
4. It is hugely, hugely clever. Never predictable, gives you just enough clues to begin to try and solve the mysteries yourself, but turns around at the end with a wickedly smart surprise.
5. The lead actors are ridiculously attractive. Hell, pretty much all the actors are ridiculously attractive.
6. Locations. In six episodes, you get to see a bajillion corners of London, plus Dartmoor at its eeriest.
7. Wit. Sherlock utters some fantastically cutting lines you'll want to throw at people IRL. (But you shouldn't.)
8. Pacing. This show is written like a series of mystery thrillers. There's never a slow, dull, or awkwardly paced movement. The action barrels on with perfect momentum.
9. Nods to the Arthur Conan Doyle canon. Readers of the original Sherlock Holmes stories will be able to catch little references to them, but in unexpected ways.
10. SHERLOCK. JOHN. BROMANCE. <---- this. <3

And #11 - Benedict Cumberbatch. His voice. And those cheekbones and the coat. <3
09 October 2011 @ 12:05 am
BBC America is the root of all evil. No really. Let me explain -

It all started with me switching on BBC America when they were screening 'Any Dream Will Do', a competition to find the next 'Joseph' for a musical. There was one particular judge, called John Barrowman. He did stuff on the show like this - which was way too charming <3

So I went on youtube, and typed in 'John Barrowman' and realized the guy is gay and has this adorable hot partner called Scott Gills, and together they do things like this which is beyond adorable.

And then Youtube being youtube throws these deluge of videos and i learnt several things:
  1. He flirts. With anything that moves. Would shag them too.
  2. There's two shows he's in. Doctor Who, and Torchwood. They're linked. And in Torchwood he shags this cute butler called Ianto. They shag. They kiss. And Ianto is really fine. I mean look at this. *dead*
It also really helps that Torchwood and Doctor who are both about Time Travel, Aliens, and, for once, excellent scripting.

So yeah. Um. Help. I found Torchwood. And Doctor Who. And Ianto oh god andtheresjack/iantofic so help me. D=

As if i really needed ANOTHER OTP and TWO LONG TV SERIALS to get addicted to right now. D=

PS. Growing rec list here *facepalms*
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12 June 2011 @ 09:20 pm
Watched X-Men First Class the other day. I think i squeed from the moment the movie started, right till the very end. My wee fangirl heart was having serious trouble trying to come to terms with McAvoy's charm and Fassbender's hotness. *dead* Also. The slash. <3 <3 <3

Fangirling aside, that was an excellent movie, and definitely my favourite movie in the X-Men franchise. It had the right amount of fun to it. It wasn't all serious, and was jsut the right amount of cheesy and 60s-esque, which really reminded me of the reason why I loved x-men in the first place - the cartoons. The costumes were spot on!

McAvoy was extremely adorable/funny as a Xavier with hair. He was SOCUTESOCUTESOCUTE. Also, the fail genome pick-up lines made me LOL. And Fassbender. Oh god. I hope he really becomes the next James Bond because he was totally badass here. What with the bespoke suits, and that nice arse, and he speaks german and french oh god. Together, they are unrivaled in this movie. The chemistry was awesome. And the slash implications infinitely better because of just how good the acting was. I'm so in love.

So yes, Charles/Erik aka McFassy has just overtaken Inception's Arthur/Eames as my new OTP. And look, i have the exponentially growing fic rec list to show for it. Although it is rather frustrating that all the good fics are WIPs now *facepalms*

On other things, um, Tom Hiddleston is rather adorable as Loki. Superbly pointy and evil. I like. <3 One more guy to my increasingly british harem =D

Oh, and new layout. Because I've left the dbsk fandom for so long there's no longer any point in keeping the header pic. Unfortunately my photoshop stopped working so I couldn't make a proper header pic and matching color combi. Forgive the rather crude mashup of layouts. =D
24 April 2011 @ 10:11 pm
Had a rather hilarious phone conversation with the customer service rep at UOB today. Before this, let me just say that if you think american banks have retarded customer service or security systems, you have NEVER tried a singaporean bank. They are practically stuck in the middle ages in comparison. They still use some form of primitive 2-factor authentication, for one. It's this ridiculous little token that, when you press a button, generates a number which you have to key in AFTER your password just to get into your account. Which means you have to continue carrying that dongle around whenever you want to log into your account. It is also alot more trouble than its worth, just in case you were thinking that is a bloody cool idea. Well, you're wrong. The system utterly failed me today:

Me: *types in password and username and hits enter*
Webpg: Hello! We are using 2-factor authentication! Please enter it now!
Me: *whips out token in triumph and types long string of numbers in* - i was actually extremely proud of myself for remembering to bring it all the way back to the states.
Webpg: Ahh. But no. You see, this token you have, IT IS EXPIRED! BAD! UTTERLY USELESS! Sorry old chap, you'll have to get a new one. (obviously the webpage doesn't say that. I blame the annoying britishness of this on too much fanfiction and one paisley!Eames =_=)
Me: WHAT THE----- *whips out phone and dials long string of numbers back to bloody singaporean customer service*


Illegally cheerful and annoying rep (hereafter called ICAAR): HELLO! HOW MAY I HELP YOU??? (also, please imagine everything she says in a very bad, exagerrated singlish accent. It helps the comedy)
Me: Er. Right. *figuratively backs up a little from the rainbow sparks spilling from the phone* I need help getting my token to work. It's telling me it's expired or broken.
ICAAR: Oh! I see! Well, Ms F---, I have a question for you okay, did you access your account more than 6 months ago?
Me: *nervous laughter* um, yeah, *koff*morelikeayear*koff*
ICAAR: Orrrrh see lah, that is why. Because you never login. That's why I suggest right, you must login once a month so this will not happen. So now right, Ms F--- you must fill in the Update Form and send it back to us with your token. We will send it back to you in 2 weeks after we have re-synced it with the system.
Me: What?! No one told me I had to do this monthly! Isn't it supposed to remain working forever or something?!!!! Anyway, can't you like, remotely resync this or something?!
ICAAR: No, Ms F----, you cannot. You have to fill in the Update Form and send it back to us with your token. We will send it back to you in 2 weeks after we have re-synced it with the system. (yes she literally re-quoted the damn thing back at me. =_=)

ICAAR: Do you understand anot? Do you see where I'm coming from, Ms F-----? (I wanted to smack her about here. =_=)
Me: Yes I understand what you're saying. It's just - i can't send the token back right now and I really need to access my account so is there any way you can fix this.
ICAAR: Of course! Ms F-----! I can help you! Don't Worry!
Me: Right so c--
ICAAR: Do you want me to help you? Can I help you?
Me; *facepalms* (like seriously. customer svc is asking if i want them to help me) Yes! OF COURSE i want you to help me. =_=
ICAAR: Ok so, before i help you right, I want you to know that i only can help you a bit one. Only can give you your bank balance. I cannot help you pay bills.
Me: (oh for the love of g--) what. I can already see my balance, I just need the thing to work so I can pay a bill!!!!!!
ICAAR: *extremely serious* Oh no no no Ms F--- I cannot do that.
Me: *trying hard not to laugh hysterically on phone here* Ok, you know what, nevermind. I'll, figure something out. Thanks anyway. Bye.

Why so fail. Why. =_=


On other things, been rather busy lately - my office had a bit of a personnel shuffle, and I somehow found myself saddled with the responsibility of being team lead and the neighbourhood aunt aggie/mediator of a bunch of shop floor workers. On top of managing a number of investigations that have ballooned beyond control because now everyone in the company have to file issues, one per month even. That means yours truly has to investigate said issues, and frankly, if i see that manila and blue webpage interface to manage said issues again, i'm going to cut someone.

On top of that, boss has given me an ultimatum to finish a bunch of projects. Also, i have japanese class after work. In other words, well and truly fucked =_=

Have also realized a few things:
  1. shop floor people play a rather interesting type of power struggle. It's nothing like the stuff in law dramas; in fact more towards the type of high school/playground politics like, 'i don't like him. i don't wanna work with him'. Or 'i have finished all the work you've asked me. can i get a promotion now?'. Honey, if promotions are really treats like you think, a lot more people would be happy as beavers working right now. lol
  2. The person or persons who have had any part in designing all the blasted web interfaces for my company's systems were likely drunk or high. They also ought to be shot. Or made to navigate 1980s webpages over and over till they die. ARGH.
  3. I hate people. ;_;
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15 February 2011 @ 11:12 pm
So it's been awhile since I recced covers - I don't usually do this because I tend to be partial to the original since that is the truest delivery of the songwriter's original emotions.

That said, these are probably two of the best covers ever for a single song. The original is by Bob Dylan, who is a legend in his own right, and definitely has to take credit for writing an amazing song. You can hear the original here.

However. These two covers somehow transcend that original, and bring it to a very magical place. Perhaps it's the voice. Or the arrangement. But i love these to death.

The first is by Bryan Ferry - vocalist of Roxy Music. This reminds me of great love stories etched into the dark, endless velvety night sky.

The second is by Adele. Another amazing voice, but a very different take. Bryan Ferry's version tends to soar and evoke images of magic and mystery and quiet midnight beauty; while Adele's strips everything to a very bare, simple, honest emotion.

So, which do you prefer? Personally, I like to listen to Bryan Ferry's version before bed, and Adele's when i'm awake and chilling while reading a book. I identify with Adele's version more, but I always end up getting suckered/seduced/romanced by Bryan Ferry's voice. =)
So. Luna Sea - only the greatest JRock band EVER, at least in my book. This was the first japanese band i loved - I found out about them when I was 14 and, together with V, we obsessed over them, and the Shine album, endlessly. We even managed to sneak the Shine album into the school PA system so everyone had to listen to the album while we were waiting for the morning assembly to begin. =D And when, two years later, they broke up, we were HEARTBROKEN. Up till today i vividly remember how heartbroken i was. We were both just moaning in class about how they were GONE and HOW NOW?!!!!

Fast-forward 10 years later, and then they drop the whole reunion thing on me. I was praying so hard they would stop by in USA, because by hook or by crook i swore that I would fly over regardless to see them. So when they announced the LA stop we quickly bought tickets =D =D =D I didnt' think it'd actually turn out to be better than anything i could ever dream of *cough*sawryuichi*cough*

Concert report here..Collapse )

Ryuichi sighting =DCollapse )
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27 November 2010 @ 10:11 pm
So for the past two days I've pretty much vegetated in front of my computer reading fic, reorganizing my music collection, and tinkering with my shiny new tumblr. Of course I also found the time to shop (and get extremely broke) on black friday *winces* That said I may have found the ultimate sweet spot for black friday shopping - one must hit the midnight madness at 4am, when the first wave of people leave, so you don't have the problem with parking or elbowing people for a spot at the queue, or standing in line after line just to pay/try clothes/get coffee.

On the flip side, that one bright idea has left me extremely broke, because once there's not enough of a crowd to tire me out, i go batshit crazy shopping =_=


Also, Take That has a new album. Yes, you heard right. Take That has a new album. D= And good ol' Robbie Williams is back with the boys!!!!! *does a happy dance*

Now you may be wondering why on earth i'm reccing a boyband (DBSK doesn't count XD). A very mature man-band to be precise, but still. It's pop. It's 90s stuff. It's a tad embarrassing to even mention one listens to them. (Though I guess admitting I used to really like Backstreet Boys is equally damning too). I never quite liked Take That in general. Always found it silly that Gary Barlow got to sing everything while the other four harmonized the chorus like very classy back-up singers. I was frankly glad when Robbie went solo - his Swing While You're Winning concert at the Albert Hall is still one of my all-time favourite live performances.

Imagine my surprise though, when i sampled the album. Progress is an extremely good album. Frankly, if I'd never seen the title, I would never have known that this was Take That. It doesn't sound like a boyband pop record at all. Rather it sounds like a mash-up of the best of british popular music. At times while listening it's almost uncanny, the artists and songs this album makes me recall. It's a little bit of Coldplay, a little Paolo Nutini, and that honesty that I tend to associate with the Beatles. All this peppered with a bit of Suede-esque glamour and Muse/Queen grandeur. 

When Robbie and Gary mesh their song writing together it produces a very addictive brand of pop. You have Gary's knack for emotional, beautiful tunes, coupled with Robbie's tendency to give everything that little edge to make it still relevant today. I love this album. I only hope Robbie sticks around long enough to make another. Gary Barlow is a really good song writer, but at times it tends to get boring, so I think it's a good thing Robbie's back to add that little spunk. =D

Here's the sampler for the entire album. My personal favourites are The Flood, Pretty Things (which sounds a little demented BUT SO BEAUTIFUL), and Wait (reminds me of a Suede song).

And here's a live performance of The Flood. I love the huge wall of sound this provides. Love it to bits. There's something about the big smile on Robbie's face that tugs at my heart. They all look so happy to be together again.

I've a new found appreciation for Take That's music now. They are so much better when the others sing lead too. Case in point being a beautiful acoustic version of Shine. I love Mark Owen's voice. This is from the first album after their reunion in 2006, minus Robbie. Very good song.

And lastly, the song about the rift between the two. As always, better live. I like the honesty in this song, and the tune.

Current Music: Take That - The Flood
26 November 2010 @ 12:33 pm
got a tumblr account today. a little experiment to see how it works. So far i like its focus on visual art and social aspects of sharing said art. it's like twitter on steroids. lol

follow if you like! =)